Hello! I’m Mercedez!

Growing up with a rose-picking, pink-loving, antique-obsessed Mother, I quickly acquired a deep love for beautiful details. Life with her was always about the details. She taught me the importance of beautiful dishes, being lady-like, and most importantly, life should be filled with TONS of flowers.

My love for flowers stems from the way that they make me feel. The life that is brought to any room with a simple bunch of roses is undeniable. It is my passion to bring life to your event through the tangible magic of beautifully arranged flowers.  A wise woman once told me, "God is in the details". I believe she was right.

The Heirloom Table is a result of my Mother. Each arrangement I make embodies the obsessions she handed down to me: romantic, girly, over-the-top, and magical. I mean it when I say, “I live to help your wedding day dreams come true though flowers!”

I can’t wait to meet you, talk about your vision, and define what we are going to do to make it come true!

A drawing I did as a little girl. Flowers have always been my calling! :)